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Build & Scale: How to leverage Customer Success as a Growth Engine for Startups
Startups often are in the race to acquire customers.

Doing whatever you can, spending whatever you can spend, to grow your business – is not a growth strategy.

Want to stay ahead of the pack?

Startup Founders who implement a successful Customer Success program early are rewarded exponentially. Success is dependent on how you delight your customers.

Want to know how you can establish Customer Success as a key driver in your growth engine?

Join us for this exclusive interactive session with leading CX experts from Notion & Freshworks to learn:
- How the fastest growing startups implement a Customer Success strategy
- How to setup an expansion selling strategy from day zero
- How Customer Success teams can best collaborate with other functional teams to deliver impact
- Real-life examples & actionable CX best practices
- How you can identify the most important Customer Success metrics for your startup, why they matter, and how to glean insights
- How Customer Success can evolve as a revenue engine

P.S. - This is going to be a highly interactive session, so come prepared with questions! :)


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